Technology to Market Solutions

Our Customers

Our Clients typically can be classified into 3 groups: Technology Pre-Start-up’s, Start-up, SME’s and Multinational companies.

Technology Pre-Start-ups typically have a proof of concept which they wish to validate. T2M Solutions can readily establish feasibility, identify potential applications and associated market opportunities. If this process yields positive results, T2M can help the client achieve investment and Start-up status.

Technology Start-ups need to initiate sales as quickly as possible. This can be a very vulnerable time and with limited resources the odds are stacked against the organisation. T2M offers a service which enables Start-ups beat the odds and quickly gain traction in their target markets.

SMEs and MNCs typically have existing sales and marketing resources. T2M offers services aimed at improving their performance. In some cases, the SME or MNC wishes to penetrate new markets, or evaluate the potential for a particular technology. T2M Solutions can help define direction and strategy enabling the company to focus resources to maximum benefit.

Generally, any organisation looking to bring technology to market in a fast efficient manner may consider outsourcing the business development and sales function. This is a particularly attractive option for an organisation with limited resources.

It gives them the platform to accelerate their technology to market. Ultimately, T2M can assume the identity of the client on the ground, as the field sales resource.