Technology to Market Solutions

Partners and Associates

T2M Solutions have an established network of partners and associates. We believe that networking is key to our success and as such we are constantly striving to expand our network with new high quality partners and associates.

Our Associates replicate our services, or support our efforts in various geographies. We are always looking to sign new associates who have the right skills and experience to help grow our business and expand our capability. This enables us to tap into and leverage a large pool of resources and intelligence on behalf of our customers. We have been lucky to date in successfully attracting excellent talent and experience in key geographies and this has transpired to be a successful strategy.

Our partners provide complimentary services that fit closely with our customers’ needs. These services include manufacturing outsourcing, supply chain management, design services, low cost sourcing of custom parts, marketing services, legal services etc. We are always looking to recruit new quality partners to enhance our network and our capability.